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Edition Spielbein in der Birke Verlagsgesellschaft GmbH 2010

A special birthday present for the 50th anniversary of the Children Center Thomizil, Erlangen Germany After one year of intensive project working, the children of the Thomizil performed their interpretation of Shakespeare`s g` Midsummer Nights Dreamh on the stage of the Nuremberg Theater. The Nuremberg Philharmonics played Henry Purcell`s gFairy Queenh.

Greetings by the photographer Takamatsu Heizo

If one wants to take creative pictures, you first need the know how and of course an idea. On the end, the photographer has to listen to his inner voice, telling him, when to release the shutter. You have to get in contact with the room and the atmosphere. The children are keeping this room moving. Dancing is an art using the complete body to create a certain atmosphere. Over about one year I was allowed to communicate with this atmosphere, the children created.

It was lot of fun and I had the feeling to participate through my camera. I would like to thank the whole team, that I was allowed to participate on this brilliant project, which was planned for the 50 th anniversary of the Children Center. Especially, I would like to thank the director of the Thomizil, Mrs. Sibylle Hartl and Mrs. Theresia Kesler, who designed this fotobook.

With Ms.Theresia Kessler(Design) in Children Center Thomizil (Dec. 23. 2010)