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Heizo is living with his family in Erlangen, as small townin the north of Bavaria, Germany. As a journalist he is reporting about economics, politics, culture, welfare and environment. His work focuses on "vision for the region" . He was born in Nara, Japan in 1969.  His family is a wife with two daughters and a son..(Oct .2008)

Contact: heizo.takamatsu [at] googlemail.com

He is interviewed for the book (2010)

Working History
After working for a printing company, he became independent as editor, and in 1996 he co-founded the venture company "The Kyoto Keizai Shinbunsya, inc.(The Kyoto Economic Journal)". At the same time, he started to work as Journalist.

1998-2000 Living in Erlangen . Reporting for The Kyoto Economic Journal, IT-News site gASCII24h et al. Erlangen city is the hometown of his wife.
2000-2002 Return to Japan. Reporting for The Kyoto Economic Journal, ASCII24, other Print media.etc. Editing: Japan-Internet.com (IT-news site, Original site in USA)
2002- Moving back to Erlangen, Germany. He writes for various Japanese media about German cities. For lectures and speeches at universities and in research institutes he returns to Japan on a regular base. In addition some reserch projects are also his work.

Heizo's Books


Edition Spielbein in der Birke Verlagsgesellschaft GmbH 2010
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What is quality of (my) city?
Gakugeisshuppan Publishing Company,inc 2008

Eco life -Differences between Germany and Japan

(coauthored by his wife Andrea Takamatsu)
Kagakudojin Publishing Company, inc, 2003